alpha /æɫfə/ n., pl. -phas [Greek alpha (άλφα), from the Phoenician aleph]  1. the first letter of the Greek alphabet (Α, α)  2. the first in order of precedence  3. Astron. the brightest star in a constellation 4. the first version of a new software product that satisfies all the requirements and is distributed to internal testers   hütte /ˈhʏtə/ n. fem., pl. hütten [old high German hutta, from Indo-European *kudhia-, related with *(s)keu- "to cover"]  1. a little house or cabin of the plainest or crudest kind  2. mountain hut as those commonly found in European Alps   alphahutte n. [comb. of alpha and hütte]  A. the Internet website dedicated to travel, outdoors, photography, science, technology, etc.  B. the personal home of Andrea Busnelli on the web
Andrea Busnelli
Experienced manager, business developer and engineer in the professional world. Adventure traveler, amateur photographer, technology enthusiast and endorphins addicted in real life. Forever curious as a child, constantly looking for new places to discover, always amazed by the diversity in our world.
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